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Kahr Arms is a US gun company with production facilities based in Massachusetts which specializes in the manufacturing of semi-automatic pistols. Their guns, which noticeably of any type of external safety mechanism, have not been especially well received in the law enforcement agencies but are popular in the civilian market. The parent company of Kahr specializes in the manufacture of CNC production equipment in a broad number of industries which span electronics to aerospace.

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This being the case Kahr pistols are limited to the. Being that these are currently the most popular calibers in the U. While the company does produce full size service pistols such as the TP45 its most popular models are its highly praised P series of pocket pistols. One of the more controversial elements found on most Kahr guns is the lack of any type of external safety. There is no thumb safety or trigger safety at all.

While many would say that your brain and a properly trained trigger finger are all the safety you ever need, this one design difference means that Kahr pistols cannot be fielded by most law enforcement agencies.

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Kahr Gun Reviews. PM9 Sub-Compact Pistol. Sign In Login via your site account. Lost Password Please enter your username or email address. Sign In. Sign Up Time limit is exhausted.Kahr Arms is an American small arms manufacturer specializing in compact and mid-size semi-automatic pistols chambered for popular cartridges, including. Kahr pistols feature polymer or stainless steel frames, single-stack magazinesand double-action -only striker firing actions.

From the age of 14, Justin Moon enjoyed shooting guns. Therefore, I decided to design an ultra-compact 9-mm pistol that I could carry. Thompson and his investors. Now Kahr manufactures Auto-Ordnance's line of semi-automatic weapons, including a long-barreled rifle version of the famous "Tommy Gun".

Kahr offers its line of compact pistols at a time of significant liberalization of concealed weapons laws in many U. Since the s, many states have passed "shall-issue" laws, as promoted by the American National Rifle Association and other gun rights organizations. Such laws mandate that state authorities must issue permits to carry concealed weapons to all law-abiding applicants who met certain conditions set forth by state law, including passing a comprehensive background check.

Inthe U. These were the so-called "high-capacity" magazines, which again became legal to manufacture and import in most states in Septemberafter the relevant federal law expired. This change in federal law rendered many staggered-magazine pistol models commonly with magazine capacities of 15 or more rounds less popular in the American market.

They were now overly large in light of their newly mandated shot limit. These single-stack magazines allow for slender, compact pistols that have proven popular with the buying public. Since late or very early inKahr has changed from offering a Limited Lifetime Warranty on their pistols to one of only five years' duration.

An RMA number is required for all returns or repairs. The Kahr action is a Browning locked-breech design featuring a striker-operated firing pin with a passive firing pin safety, making it a true hammerless action. This cam simultaneously begins to draw the striker to the rear, compressing the spring behind it, while depressing and deactivating the firing pin block. At the end of the trigger's travel, the lobe contacting the striker slips off the striker and releases it; the other lobe has, by this point, completely depressed the firing pin block and permitted the striker to snap forward and strike the primer.

This single piece takes the place of more complicated and fragile designs employed in other pistols. It is similar in principle, though very different in execution, to the action design of Glocks.

It also allows the firing pin block to be located further to the rear of the slide and therefore further from possible contamination by combustion gases and powder fouling. For this innovation, Justin Moon was awarded one of the five patents he owns on the Kahr pistol design. This system is employed on all Kahr pistols, regardless of frame material, size, or caliber.

There are also polymer rails, which are not structurally functional, but aid in keeping out dirt, and with aligning the slide when reassembling the slide onto the polymer frame.

In steel framed versions, the rail design is traditional and very similar to that of the M pistol. Kahr pistols have their feed ramps offset to the left, which allows the trigger draw bar to lie flatter against the right side of the frame. This feature helps the Kahr pistol line to achieve a slide width of. The initial Kahr offering, the K9, provided a full-power 9mm Parabellum pistol that was virtually the same size, and in some dimensions, smaller, as widely accepted "Pocket Pistol".

Kahr offers a line of "economy" pistols which are identical to the P series of pistols except that some luxury features are eliminated to cut costs. The polymer-frame CW economy models have fewer machining operations, pinned-in front sights rather than dovetail, traditional rifling rather than polygonal rifling"rolled-on" lettering rather than engraved, and come with only one magazine.It is entirely manufactured in the USA from quality steel and American walnut On the right side is engraved an Auto Ordnance surplus magazine for M1 30 caliber carbine.

Available in 10 round with a blue finish. In honor of this milestone in firearms history, Kahr is proud to introduce the 25th Anniversary limited edition K9. Each 25th Anniversary gun starts out as a proven K9 pistol, chambered in 9mm and P45 Magazine, 6 Rd. The Kahr magazine tube is constructed of corrosive resistant series stainless steel and heat treated to 50 rockwell hardness for durability.

Category : Magazines and AccessoriesCaliber : A Thompson is just not a Thompson without the most famous accessory item ever - the drum magazine. The impressive look and feel of the drum magazines are unsurpassable.

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Each authentic drum is Auto-Ordnances latest historical gun series honors all those who fought in Iwo Jima. Each gun in the Iwo Jima Tribute series is custom engraved with images commemorating the battle, and finished in Each authentic drum is entirely U.

Kahr Arms Firearms

Each drum is shipped with a drum Replacement magazine for 45ACP 20rd stick magazine. Caliber-Gauge :. To honor their service and leadership in our nations time of need, Auto-Ordnance introduces The General commemorative D-Day 75th Anniversary pistol.

CEO Kahr Firearms Group Justin Moon Interview - Armed American Radio

Engraved on the left side of the pistol is Beginning with a base A1 GI Model in M1-C Lightweight. Aluminum frame and Kahr Arms is pleased to kick off their newest series of Kahr pistols - the CM series. This pistol features custom graphics reminiscent of those painted on fighter aircraft during the war.

CW Series. Lock breech, Browning-type recoil lug, passive striker block and noJavaScript seems to be disabled in your browser. For the best experience on our site, be sure to turn on Javascript in your browser. Local Storage seems to be disabled in your browser. For the best experience on our site, be sure to turn on Local Storage in your browser. COVID is resulting in increased processing times business days.

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Shipping Information. Out of stock. Add to Wish List Add to Compare. Kahr Arms Elite Pistol M Kahr Arms K9 Pistol K Filter By. Concealment 43 Tactical 4 State Compliant 6 Collapse. Double Action 54 Collapse. Barrel Length. Price Range.Kahr Arms, an innovative firearms manufacturer, was founded in on 15 years of manufacturing services in precision metalworking industries.

Kahr incorporates the inherited professional, technical expertise into all its operations. Kahr has an objective of excellence in all workmanship and material and does not compromise either the design or manufacture of Kahr handguns. The most advanced computer applications and precise manufacturing technologies have been implemented to provide the finest handguns available. Uniquely designed and finely tooled, Kahr pistols unrivaled quality makes long-term Kahr owners out of shooters who try them.

Millions of gun owners have turned to Guns. As we all need something to laugh about these days, a few gun companies and influencers stepped in an attempt to make us smile on April 1st.

NRA put its own spin on a traditional fashion runway with its first ever fashion show. The "models" were actual everyday citizens, company owners Kahr Arms offers free magazine during summer promotion.

Kahr Arms is kicking off its summer promotion, announcing a free magazine with nearly all of its Kahr pistols for a limited time only. Exclusive Guns.

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Read More. Kahr Arms offers free magazine during summer promotion Kahr Arms is kicking off its summer promotion, announcing a free magazine with nearly all of its Kahr pistols for a limited time only. Your browser does not support the video tag.Whereas previous studies of this kind have focused primarily on research funding, this one concentrates much of its attention on improving the nation's scientific literacy.

kahr firearms

It calls for the annual recruitment of some 10,000 science and maths teachers, proposing that science undergraduates be lured into the classroom with generous scholarships, with the lofty goal of improving science education at school for some 10 million people. This proposal may appear to some US politicians to be central planning run amok and it doesn't really address the low pay and social standing of teachers in the United States.

But it does have potential and precedent: an existing programme called Teach for America has succeeded in recruiting thousands of young college graduates to teach in the nation's most troubled neighbourhoods. Other recommendations of note include a call for the creation of a new energy-research agency that would conduct low-cost, high-risk, high-reward research projects.

This would be modelled on the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA), which has been highly successful in backing exciting, basic research that may spawn useful technology. Another new entity would be set up expressly to arrange for the construction of scientific facilities. It suggests a new category of generous grants that would allow young researchers early in their career to firmly establish their own lines of enquiry.

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They face an uphill battle, given the size of the US budget deficit and inevitable political resistance to such concepts as further federal involvement in school education.

The United States' competitors, in Europe and the Far East, also need to consider such measures, and might actually find some of them easier to implement. You are viewing the new design.

kahr firearms

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kahr firearms

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kahr firearms

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